Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ranger School Blogroll

Even though my husband graduated over a year ago, I still get more hits from Ranger School searches than from anything else. I also saw that a couple sweet ladies are linking to my Communication During Ranger School post. Thanks so much! I'm just really happy to be of help. 

I think we tend to turn to google for answers about Ranger school because it's just really hard to have that limited communication with you soldier. I had a lot more communication in any two months of my husband's deployment than I had when he was in Ranger School. 

Running Army Wife
I thought it would be helpful for all you ladies scouring the Internet for information to have a list of all us that have blogged about our soldier's time in Ranger School. Here's the start of a blogroll. I know I'm forgetting some. I have a hunch there may be more to come too. If you want to be added or know a blog that should be on here, please leave a comment! Also, feel free to grab a badge if you want!

<3 Amy


  1. I Love this idea! I used to get a ton of hits from people looking for ranger school, it has died down recently. Thank you for including me =)

  2. This is wonderful!!
    Really, your whole blog is :)
    I've enjoyed reading through it and wish you the best of luck with your knee job!
    I'm looking to forward to following along and gaining much inspiration from you!

  3. Hello!! I cant thank you enough for the links. My boyfriend just started SURT today and will report to Ranger School on the 24th! Very anxious for it to get here and be over with. Just focusing on taking it day by day and focusing on one phase at a time instead of the entire 3 phases and 61 days.

    Thank you for your posts!


  4. Super helpful blog! My fiancé is in Ranger School now and I had a question that I can't seem to figure out :( about how many days do you get after the graduation before he had to report back to his base?

    1. My husband was stationed at Fort Benning at the time, but I asked him and he said that guys coming from other bases go back pretty quickly. Like 1 or 2 days tops. Hope this helps! Good luck to your fiancé.

    2. Thank you! Helps tremendously!