Monday, March 4, 2013

My Husband's PRK

My husband got his PRK surgery done today! About a month ago, he found out that he got a slot to get the surgery done. The Army will only give a certain number of slots out for the surgery. If you've recently come home from a deployment, you're more likely to get a slot. They also tend to give priority to infantrymen- because, let's face it, they do need it the most. If they lose their glasses out there in combat, that's a bad thing.

James had the choice between PRK and LASIK. For those of you that don't know, PRK is like LASIK eye surgery with a few differences. If your eye gets knocked the wrong way playing football years after you get LASIK, it can mess it up. PRK takes long to recovery initially but is more "sturdy" in the long run. Getting PRK also means he gets to keep his "jump" status (apparently jumping out of an airplane is too much turbulence for LASIK). Because he's an infantryman and an overall pretty active person, my husband chose PRK.
Last picture of James in glasses before the surgery. 
We went in today and after they gave him some numbing eye drops and he waited a little bit in the waiting room, he finally got to go back. He was in and out in less than 20 minutes. It was that quick. He said he can see a little bit better (he's nearsighted) initially, but right now (about 4 hours later) he doesn't want to open his eyes much at all and we've got the whole house dark because he's so light sensitive. He's got 5 days off work to sit at home with sunglasses on, listening to audiobooks. I will keep ya'll updated on the progression!

And in other news, I finally signed up for a race! A half marathon to be exact. Maybe not the best comeback length, but 13.1 is my favorite distance.
9 weeks to train! I actually already started a few weeks ago on this plan. Not the most hardcore plan I've ever done, but I am getting back into things after all.

<3 Amy