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Running After Baby #2

I have been wanting to give a running update, but I've been putting it off at the same time. So here I finally am. And here's the truth: running is painful right now, so I'm not doing much. And I can't enjoy it while it feels this way.

My pregnancy with Ellie really did a number on me. Between our move and some pre-term labor I had around 31 weeks, I didn't work out much at all for the last 2 months. It got to the point where I couldn't even walk my dog for 30 minutes at night without waking up feeling sore like I'd run a half marathon the day before (and you know I know well what that feels like). I was carrying her really low at the end (which made for a quick labor!). But I think to accommodate that, my hips and all surrounding muscles got really loose and weak.

When I run now, it's painful. It's not so painful that I think I'm doing more damage, but it's not what running should feel like. There's lots of uncomfortable-ness. The worst…

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