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When You're Far Away

My granddad passed away a little over two weeks ago. He was a great man and I was really lucky to have known him. But we live in South Korea right now. So I wasn't able to fly home for the funeral.

Okay. Technically I could have. For about $2000 and 20 hours of travel, I could have loaded up my 4-month-old and my almost-three-year old and flown by myself (because my husband couldn't take off work) to Springfield, MO. My husband even told me that I could go if I wanted to. But I made the decision to stay. It wasn't just the long flights, it was going to be two jet-lagged babies too. So my heart was broken once when I learned that he passed away, and twice when I made the decision to not go to be able to hug my grandma and my dad. I prayed about it and came to peace that it was the right decision, but that didn't make it any easier.

When you're a kid, you imagine all these things that must eventually happen when you grow older. Eventually, you get married. You usuall…