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Blogging and Running

I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s been so hard for me to keep up with blogging (both reading my favorites and updating my own). It finally dawned on me the other day. I started my blog when I was still living long-distance from my husband because of training. That was about a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve haven’t a full-time job AND had my husband at home at the same time. Until now.
Now I have a full-time job AND a full-time husband*. I’m struggling to find the energy to wake up early and run twice a week. I’m still incredibly happy that he’s home. But it’s a very tired-happy while I still struggle to adjust to this major life change that still has me reeling months later. I miss my family and friends in Illinois so much that it hurts sometimes. Thank goodness for skype and facetime.
But we do love Washington. More than once, we’ve swiped over to Chicago on the weather app and giggled that it’s 9 degrees there while it’s 40 degrees here. We decided we love skiing so we…

My First Military Ball

I know, I've been a bad blogger lately. I just finished my first two weeks of work and I'm still getting used to working full-time again. I do hope to get back to blogging more routinely soon.

But I did want to at least tell you about my first BALL experience on Friday. :) Fortunately, the ball was about a block away from where I work. So instead of commuting home (~1 hour each way), I brought my dress, make-up, shoes, and curling iron to work with me so I could get ready right after work and go with James straight to the ball. If that sounds kind of awkward, it's because it kind of was. 
I tried to pick a bathroom that wouldn't have as many people come in, so I picked this first floor bathroom in my building that is kind of hidden. Some ladies still came in and I apologized for the mist of hair spray hanging in the air. Most asked where I was going and wished me a good night, but I still felt kind of awkward. 
On top of that, I had an energy drink that afternoon, whic…