Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Preggo Week 17

Hmm. I'm not sure it's realistic for me to go back to blogging every week. I might switch to bi-weekly soon, but we'll see! Week 17 is almost over. I did run a couple times this week and it felt... good.. except that my bladder feels just kind of funny during the run. Kind of like something is sitting on it and causing some pressure. No idea why that would be. #saracasm But the good news is that I don't experience this at all while biking, so I might be doing a little more of that.

I did get my two sessions of lifting in! I was cautioned by my doctor to not try to lift more weight than I already was. Just to maintain, since apparently it's really easy to injure muscles and tendons during pregnancy (everything is more stretchy to prepare the the huge amount of stretch that will happen to my torso).

I did do pretty well on my goals and I think I'm going to continue to keep these basic goals every week for now.

Yoga x 1 hour (check! did this on Sunday)

Lifting x 2 sessions (check!)

cardio x 3 different days (kinda check. one of my "cardio" sessions was a long walk.)

Eat 2 servings of (low mercury) fish (check!)

Eat 3 veggies a day (check!)

Eat 2 fruits a day (check!)

We are doing something called "Colorful Choices" at work. It's this little health program where we get to log fruits and veggies for points. I've gone a little crazy. It's made those last two goals really easy. My coworkers and I have been totally switching our eating habits for this crazy little game. 

Most of our meals have looked a lot like this. 
Also, I'm regularly feeling baby kicking! Sadly, the little guy (or gal) seems to quiet down whenever James puts his hand on 'em (a habit that hopefully will carry on after birth?), so he hasn't felt anything yet. But I'm hopefully he'll get to feel something soon. 

In other news, my husband summited Mount Rainier on Monday. Earlier this year, 6 climbers died on the mountain in an avalanche so of course, I was extremely nervous. But he and his buddies were fine and they had a fantastic day to climb. And I was a little jealous when I saw the pictures. 
He's a stud. 
And I'll end of a 17 week tummy pic! This pic is actually a few days old. Now that I'm almost 18 weeks, I think I've popped a little more. I'll post another pic tomorrow on instagram with the official 18 week pic. :) 
Much love, 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pregnancy: Week 16

James and I just got back from a really nice weekend up at Kalaloch beach. We went to a first-come, first-serve basis campsite, and luckily got a spot around noon on the 3rd. So thankful that the Army decided to give James the 3rd and 4th off, because it worked out really well with my work schedule and got us there before the rush. Our spot was so prime that a guy came up to me within 10 seconds of me getting out of the tent on the morning of the 4th to ask if we planned on staying that night (I know, super peaceful wake-up, right?). Luckily, the next morning was a lot more quiet after the fireworks so we still had a relaxing stay.

View from our tent. 
How was camping while pregnant? Well, I didn't have to pee until about 5am both nights there, so I would call that a pregnancy-win! And during the day, we pretty much just hung out at the beach. It was a little chilly, but we (really, James) built a couple driftwood fires that warmed us up.

So how as running been going? I've never been very good at working out to stay in shape. I mostly have been a runner for the love of running. I don't remember the last time I felt this out of shape, and it makes me not like running quite so much. However, the low blood pressure seems to have gotten a lot better, so now it's just a matter of trying to slowly get back into shape. I failed my "running streak" that I had mentioned in a previous post. Running every day is pretty hard while dealing with morning sickness (which actually did get a little worse at the very very end of the first trimester/2nd trimester). I randomly fell upon the comic below and had to just laugh because that's exactly how I've felt.

I think I'm going to start posting my workouts on here to try to keep myself more accountable. I'm just keeping it simple, one week at a time. Hopefully, this will help me to remember to post more on here too!

Goals this week:

Yoga x 1 hour

Lifting x 2 sessions

cardio x 3 different days (at least 30 min each time)

Eat 2 servings of (low mercury) fish

Eat 3 veggies a day

Eat 2 fruits a day

Oh and here's my current bump.

Still not much there. I found some cute nursery sheets at Babies 'R Us and bought them yesterday with James. The lady gave us a gift receipt without even asking! I guess that might be policy or something, but James still gave me a hard time about it. "When are you going to get serious about making a baby? No one can tell you are pregnant yet!" Haha.

Until next week friends,