Preggo Week 17

Hmm. I'm not sure it's realistic for me to go back to blogging every week. I might switch to bi-weekly soon, but we'll see! Week 17 is almost over. I did run a couple times this week and it felt... good.. except that my bladder feels just kind of funny during the run. Kind of like something is sitting on it and causing some pressure. No idea why that would be. #saracasm But the good news is that I don't experience this at all while biking, so I might be doing a little more of that.

I did get my two sessions of lifting in! I was cautioned by my doctor to not try to lift more weight than I already was. Just to maintain, since apparently it's really easy to injure muscles and tendons during pregnancy (everything is more stretchy to prepare the the huge amount of stretch that will happen to my torso).

I did do pretty well on my goals and I think I'm going to continue to keep these basic goals every week for now.

Yoga x 1 hour (check! did this on Sunday)

Lifting x 2 sessions (check!)

cardio x 3 different days (kinda check. one of my "cardio" sessions was a long walk.)

Eat 2 servings of (low mercury) fish (check!)

Eat 3 veggies a day (check!)

Eat 2 fruits a day (check!)

We are doing something called "Colorful Choices" at work. It's this little health program where we get to log fruits and veggies for points. I've gone a little crazy. It's made those last two goals really easy. My coworkers and I have been totally switching our eating habits for this crazy little game. 

Most of our meals have looked a lot like this. 
Also, I'm regularly feeling baby kicking! Sadly, the little guy (or gal) seems to quiet down whenever James puts his hand on 'em (a habit that hopefully will carry on after birth?), so he hasn't felt anything yet. But I'm hopefully he'll get to feel something soon. 

In other news, my husband summited Mount Rainier on Monday. Earlier this year, 6 climbers died on the mountain in an avalanche so of course, I was extremely nervous. But he and his buddies were fine and they had a fantastic day to climb. And I was a little jealous when I saw the pictures. 
He's a stud. 
And I'll end of a 17 week tummy pic! This pic is actually a few days old. Now that I'm almost 18 weeks, I think I've popped a little more. I'll post another pic tomorrow on instagram with the official 18 week pic. :) 
Much love, 


  1. Great goals and good job for achieving them!! I'm hoping to do the same. My goal is 3 days running and 2 days prenatal Pilates but sometimes it doesn't happen. I should start posting on my pregnancy but I need to be more disciplined to do so as well as find time to do it with 3 year old running around, lol. Happy to find your blog through Instagram :) I'm 18 weeks and 4 days :)

  2. You make such an adorable pregnant woman! I'm sure people have been telling you that for weeks.


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