Driving Army Wife

My mom and I are driving. A lot. We are in day 2 of an approximately 4 day trip. 
Driving along to my friend Sarah's soundtrack that she made for me!
Leave Chicago was sad and exciting at the same time. Saying goodbye to my friends and my high school group at church was hard. Saying goodbye to my dad and my brothers was the hardest. But I had to say bye so that I can be in Washington for James when he gets back. Bittersweetness at it's finest. 

Now I'm on the road with my mom (she's my driving companion and then she'll fly back to Chicago so I get to put off saying goodbye to her). Typing this up on hotel wifi. I am so excited. Leaving my parent's driveway and driving out of the neighborhood almost made me start crying all over again. I didn't used to be this emotional! I didn't even cry at my wedding. This dang deployment has made me a basketcase. 
Stopping to try to get a shot of us in our "first snow" of the year. You can kind of see it in my hair. 
Can't tell you exactly how long I'm hanging out in Seattle-area until James gets there. I'm not even sure myself, to tell you the truth. The Army has changed it on us a couple times. So we just decided to get out there early to make sure I'm there when he gets there. We're gonna hang out with of some of James's aunts and uncles that he has out there, get some good Seattle coffee, look at some houses... and probably pace around a lot. Maybe go running. Because you know I'm not going to be able to sit still. 

<3 Amy


  1. You two must be having a blast! Sooooo exciting to start a whole new chapter, and put this deployment behind you! You're so strong. I can't waitttt to be in your shoes in 7 months. Hang tough. you'll make friends quickly I'm sure. Tweet deets on the house shopping!

  2. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! :) I wish you and James all the happiness in the world! I can't wait to live vicariously through all of your pictures! Can't wait to see your house!! :)

  3. How great that you and your mom are going together! I wondered if you were hitting the road solo. That'd be a long way to go alone, though.

    And not being able to sit still right before he gets home, yes! That pretty much describes me. Our apartment has never been so clean as it was in the hours before he got home. I cleaned from top to bottom because I couldn't sleep, couldn't watch tv, couldn't relax at all. Hopefully you'll do a better job than I!*

  4. Yeah!!!! How exciting! Enjoy the rest of your road trip with your Mom and that mix Sarah made for you :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Don't worry, I will take pictures. Thanks for your support!! :)


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