What I Didn't Expect: First Trimester

I'm officially 12 weeks along today. My little bit of morning sickness that I had is subsiding. I'm now able to go grocery shopping and cook without feeling sick to my stomach! I am pretty sure that my husband is as happy as I am about that. I'm not officially at the end of the first tri, but I think the hardest part of it are over (the higher risk, the morning sickness etc). Here are the things I didn't expect:
  1. I didn't expect to be so tired. I'm struggling at work. Especially in the afternoon. Staying focused enough to actually work on my projects has become a daily challenge. And not drinking coffee isn't helping either (see #2). I hope this is something that improves going into the 2nd trimester.
  2. I didn't expect to, all the sudden, despise coffee. A cup or so a day of coffee is perfectly fine during pregnancy. I was set on keeping up my habit. Then one day around 6 weeks or so, I felt completely repulsed by it. I don't miss it. You don't need to feel bad for me. I've had a couple cups the last week or so because the nausea is going away, but it's still not my first choice of beverage right now.
  3. I didn't expect to not be very sick. Double negative sorry. But my mom and sister-in-law were both super-sick during their first trimester. I naturally assumed this was the norm. I actually haven't felt very sick. I did mention that I wasn't cooking, so we were eating out a lot. I did throw-up once.. but I think that was from running too soon after pancakes and totally unrelated.
  4. I didn't expect running to become so hard. I was in half-marathon shape prior to getting pregnant (I made sure) and all the sudden, it's hard to keep up a 10-minute mile. My doctor took my blood pressure and it sounded different than what I normally hear (90/50 I think) and so I asked her about it. She said "Oh yeah, that's perfectly normal in pregnancy. You can continue to run and you'll actually get a really great workout still, even if you don't go as fast." I was actually really sad to hear that because, believe it or not, I actually don't run primarily to workout. I run because I like to race and run long distances. So I decided that I don't think I can run a half-marathon until this baby stops stealing so much of my blood. I've settled for a 5k in a few weeks. I'm also running or walking at least a mile a day with the Summer Runner's World Run Streak.
  5. I didn't expect to fall in love with a peanut. At 9 weeks, I painstakingly drank the 32 onces of water to go in with James to the first ultrasound. A girl that looked about 18 years old escorted us back to the room. She told us that she was an intern and would be performing our ultrasound but that the actual tech would come in after she was done to check everything. I just though..Okay, well it's probably going to be a while before we see anything. She then put the gel on me and stuck the little thing on my tummy. Within about 10 seconds, "There's your baby!" I wasn't expecting it at all. I thought I would cry or something, but I just kind of stared in shock. It's now the lock screen photo on my phone and I can't stop myself from looking at him/her at least a dozen times a day. I think I'm officially in love with something that, frankly, resembles a peanut or kidney bean more than a person.
Much love,


  1. Being tired at the beginning is so hard. Hang in there!

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. I turned twelve weeks today and I can relate to your post. Thanks for putting it up there, its good to know that im not alone in my want for a mid afternoon nap :)

  3. "I actually don't run primarily to workout." Holla! If I wanted a good workout, I feel like there are a lot of things I could do that would be better for my body overall, but running is what I love to do. I'm sorry the half marathon is out, but it's good that you still feel okay to run a little bit. And maybe you'll get your energy back in the 2nd trimester. (I've heard that's how it goes, but I have no personal experience with it!)


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