Korea. We are moving there. WHAT.

I had gotten to this great place where I was happy not knowing where we were moving yet. They kept on pushing back the date when we would find out, so I just decided I would be cool with it. The Army will tell us when the Army tells us. As soon as we find out, it will get more stressful (It did). Let me just bask in the ignorance for a while. I was pretty dang smug about how patience I was being.

Then last Monday, James had the day off work. He got back from his run and while he was in the shower, his phone exploded with texts. Everyone in his squad was sending in a group text that people were finally get the email.

So people continued to get emails all morning. And we waited. I think I told James to hit refresh on his email about 50 times.

And I realized that since other people knew, I was no longer cool with not knowing.

We ended up not finding out until the next afternoon. Somehow we were one of the very last to find out. James checked his email right before he left work, got home and said, "So.. ready to go on an adventure?"

Then he told me and I had this moment of panic set in. I felt like crying, but I couldn't put my finger on specifically why. Maybe I am not as adventurous as I wish I was. Do adventurous people feel moments of panic? I was just completely overwhelmed. We did want to go overseas, but part of me didn't think it would really happen. I was sure we were going to Fort Carson or Campbell. But it turns out that not a lot of people want to go there (unless they have already been there, then they LOVE it). So since we had Korea up sort of middle-top of the list, they were like "hey! these people don't mind going to Korea. Let's send them there!" Actually, I'm not sure that's exactly how it went down, but there were people in James's class that did NOT want to go there at all and somehow still got assigned to Korea.

Luckily, about an hour after James got home, I had a run date with a friend. Seriously, that could not have been better timed. If you ever need to process HUGE news, go for a run.

How do you process something like that? Questions that went through my head:

  • Does Amazon prime deliver there? 
  • Will we have to protect Roxy (our dog) from being eaten? 
  • How do you completely flip a baby's schedule? 
  • How am I going to convince my baby that just learned how to crawl to stay put on a 20 hour flight? Actually how long is the flight? How do you get even get there? 
  • How do you do a non-DITY Army move? I don't even know. 
  • What if North Korea goes cray cray? 
Anyway, we have started the process of ALL the paperwork and hoops we have to jump through to move out of the country very soon. 

To details: We'll be at Yongsan Garrison, which is right downtown Seoul. It should be for two years, assuming that Jensen and I get command sponsorship (approved by the Army to go with him). If all paperwork does through quickly (heh), we should be moving around late October. 


I am excited. Really I am. I just want to skip over the moving part. 

Didn't I just write that life had slowed down and started to get sleepy? 

Stay tuned, folks. 


 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


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