Star Wars, Christmas, and Jensen Turns One!

Oh gosh. Has it really been a full year? Anyway, I won't waste too much time saying all the things that moms always say. It really did feel fast. This year was just a crazy year anyways (2 moves, one to another country) and in the midst of everything, we are still adjusting to being parents.

Star Wars The Force Awakens came out (on the one year anniversary of Jensen's due date!) and we actually got a sitter for the first time. After basically a full year. We'd only been to one other movie while a family member watched him earlier this year and what can I say? I'm kind of a nervous mom and the timing with nursing is always a little tricky anyway. And we didn't live by family the whole year (womp womp, military life). The thing is, you can take a laid back baby to just about anything except a movie theater. Well. Anything that James and I do on a regular basis anyway. We're not exactly clubbers.

So yeah, we got a sitter. And went on a movie date. Jensen was wonderful for the sitter and we got to see the new Star Wars movie, which was pretty much the movie I had been waiting for since I was about ten years old.

That same week, we had a virtual birthday party with my parents, James's parents, and some of our siblings. Jensen opened presents (with a little help) and dug into his Buttercream BB-8 cake that I made on camera while family watched on the other side of the world.  It was bittersweet. I can't imagine living here without the connection of video chat with family. I'm so thankful that we live here when we do. Even if this had been a decade earlier, it wouldn't have been so easy (thank you, Google Hangouts).

And that same week was Christmas. It was very Star Wars-filled. The go-to themed gift for everyone in our family was anything Star Wars this year. I even got Star Wars mascara in my stocking. But this was the first Christmas that we didn't either have family come to us or us go home to family. Again, we did video chat to open presents, but it just wasn't quite the same.

That's definitely the hardest part about living in Korea. It's not the weird food or the language barrier. It's that my heart breaks every time I think too much about how my parents and James's parents only get to hang out with Jensen through a computer screen. But thank God for that computer screen. I don't know how we would get by without it.

I've been going on some really cool runs through the city (sans stroller), but haven't brought my camera or phone with me so I'll have to remember to do that a few times soon. I've been reading more. Jensen is toddling around and exploring all the time. James has been home on break. My heart is full.

<3 Amy

PS: I ran 4 completely pain-free miles for the first time in.. forever. I'm starting to get excited and will blog more about running soon.


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