Past 13.1 and Into Marathon Territory

I ran 14 miles yesterday. My longest run ever. Cray cray! I was thinking to myself, oh it's only .9 miles past what I've run before. But since I ran it much slower than my usual half marathon pace, it actually ended up being a good 20 minutes longer than I've ever run. And I decided to pick a trail with zero shade. Good idea, Amy. Next time, I'm gonna make the drive out to a better shaded trail. It was such a good feeling to get done with it though. A little over 2 months until Chi Marathon. I'm gonna be ready!

The other day was officially 3 months since I said goodbye to James at the end of R&R. Another month down. Thank God. The past month or so has been especially hard for me. It's kind of just a hard spot in the deployment. It's been 3 months since I've seen him, but we've still got over 4 months until he comes home. Dangit.

But I've been incredibly blessed over the past couple months. A navy girlfriend in my area started a Military Significant Other Support Group. So far, we are the only two members, but it's been really refreshing to talk with someone in person that understands what I'm going through. (PS: If you know someone going through/about to go through a deployment in Chicago area, let me know! I don't really want to publicly post details, but I could email you if you are interested).

Also, someone randomly left fliers for something called "Team Salute" at my work. I have been wanting to run for a cause, so I looked some more into this one and I'm convinced that this is it. They help military families in financial need. I'll probably post more about it later, but I'm officially going to join their Chicago Marathon team!

So yeah, it's been kind of tough lately. But God matched it with some pretty cool things as well. Also, track and field is starting up with the Olympics soon and, yeah, I'm pretty dang excited about that. If anything is gonna help motivate me, it's gonna be watching those awesome speedy Olympic runners. :) 

<3 Amy 


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