I wouldn't say that this is the absolute most difficult time of my life so far.. because I've been through my husband being deployed. But this is definitely up there. Holy cow. Being a mom is hard.

I'm working part-time (20 hours/week) from home now. When I worked that out with my supervisors (who are AWESOME btw), I kind of imagined a little work there, a little Netflix here, tend to my adorable baby when he's not napping, nap a little myself, keep the house looking Pinterest clean, and train for a half marathon or marathon on the side. Also, take a class in web development, keep teaching myself guitar, and try so very hard to spend a little time opening my Bible once a day. Oh, and start blogging again. 

You're probably already laughing right now. Especially if you're a mom. 

Of the above, in the 5 months that my baby has been alive, here's what I have figured out how to fit in my day: 
1) Get my 20 hours of work done.
2) Keep the baby alive. 

Coffee and Yoga. Multitasking. 
I'm obviously still figuring this out. I expect my expectations will never match reality, but hopefully I'll figure some more things out. I'll document my little "mom hacks" as they come. 

I'm still not running a whole lot of miles. I'm learning that workouts that can be done before the baby wakes up in the morning or during nap times are really great (P90X, Insanity, etc). Especially in a climate that is really hot. Pilates has also been a great friend to my postpartum body. 

But yeah.. basically having a baby turned my life upside down. And then we moved across the country again. It's taking a little time to rebuild. 

<3 A


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