Pressing On

Heh. I definitely just had a flashback to listening to Relient K a whole bunch in early high school when I typed out that title.

But that's what I'm doing. Pressing on. I got a job co-teaching a class in Chicago once a week, and I'm currently trying to find a part-time job to occupy me for the rest of the week.

One thing I can say though.. people tend to treat you pretty well when you've got a husband deployed. Since I'm not living by the base, the YMCA offers free memberships to military wives whose husbands are deployed reservists, national guard, OR if the soldier is active and the wife has relocated (like to live with family.. like me!). The point is to give military wives a community during deployment if they are not near the military community.

SO. I got my membership and went to my very first cycling and very first pilates class yesterday. Wow. First of all, the cycling class was really hard. 30 minutes into the 1 hour class, I was really starting to watch the clock a lot. I also gotta make sure that I wear my cushioned bike shorts next time. Dang. You would think they would make those seats a little more comfy. The pilates class was really good too. My abs are pretty sore today.

The other thing that happened is a rock hit my windshield.. and it was just a little mark but it then turned into a 3 foot crack overnight. So I had to get my whole windshield replaced.. and I just had to take my car in recently for engine trouble so I won't even go into details about that. Suffice to say, there must be some rule that as soon as hubby leaves, the cars will all start to break down. But my father-in-law has some connections with an auto body place and called in and mentioned that James is deployed. They installed a new windshield for me for only $100 (compared to over $300 at another place). Basically, they hardly charged me anything for labor. I think I'm going to have to bring those people some cookies or something, because I couldn't believe how nice they were about it.

So I went ahead and made a countdown chain to when I'll see him. His R&R is supposed to be sometime in July. So I made one link per week. It seems really far away, but I keep on telling myself that right now is the worst. We'll only have 4 months left after R&R, so right now is basically the worst part.

My friend Sarah sent me this video today. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. She thinks it might be a break-up song and she is probably right. If it is though, I don't get the part that talks about counting down the hours. What do you think? Is it a break-up song? Or a long-distance relationship song?


  1. Car trouble sans husband is the worst! It sounds like you are taking things in stride. I like your chain countdown! The beginning of the deployment is the hardest. Once you get into a routine, it will be easier.*

  2. Aw, sorry about your car, Amy! I've now replaced my car's windshield twice now in the same year, long story(ies) lol. Praying for you and James and sending him his first card pretty soon :) And hoping you get to hang out with Sarah now more often that you're in Naperville. Sending some roommie love your way!


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