Race Recap: Seattle Half Marathon

So this is long overdue, but my life has been a bit crazy lately.

Well, I was hoping for a 1:57:30. I felt more prepared for this half than I was for the Chicago Half Marathon in September (1:59:20), so shaving a couple seconds off each mile didn't seem too much to hope for. 

I guess I underestimated the hills. Eek. We have some hills around our apartment, but nothing compared to this course we ran downtown. I was on pace for the first 5 miles or so, but then it started catching up with me. I finished at a 2:02:38. So an average 9:21 per mile, compared to Chicago's 9:06 per mile. Crazy how 15 seconds per mile adds up so much. But considering the hills versus the super-flat Chicago course, I decided I'm not too upset. 

And of course, it rained. The weather was actually not to bad. Around 50 degrees, which is perfect for a race like this. 

My wonderful hubby took all the pictures. This is the second half marathon that he's run with me as my photographer/sherpa. I couldn't have married a better man. 

I was freezing cold pretty much immediately after. Thank goodness the after-race party had steaming hot chicken broth to sip! 
Since I'm going to be in Chicago area for 2012, I'm already eyeing this Chicago Half Marathon Series. Would be perfect for my 1:50 goal. And a good lead-up to the Chicago Marathon. :)


  1. It wasn't the PR you were hoping for, but that's still a great finish time. And in the rain, no less!*


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