17 miles! and coding on a rainy day

I ran 17 miles yesterday. Took me 3 hours and 18 minutes. Yes.. it was crazy. Besides being super long, my stomach also got pretty screwed up. So I think it's safe to say that it was my most unpleasant run to date. I took an extended release iron supplement the night before and I think that might have had something to do with it.
Also, is it normal to get kind of emotional toward the end of really long runs? Because that kind of happened. I didn't all out cry or anything. But I'm not even sure why. Because it was hard? Because I was happy to be almost done? Because I miss my husband? Probably a combination of all three.

It's rainy today. I love it. But it makes me miss Seattle-area. Which makes me miss James. And I happen to not have work today too. Ahh, beauty of a part-time job. So I put on my New Balance compression sleeves (which are hopefully speeding recovery) and my comfy college track sweatpants and I've been wearing my Army blanket around the house like a cape, cause it's a rainy, blanket kind of a day.
Why yes, that IS an autographed picture of Apollo Ohno in the top right. 
I did do a little programming today though, something I haven't been doing as much of (even though Computer Engineering is my degree). I'm all set up now to do some Android app development. And I actually created my first really simple app today, yay! All it does it open and print out "Hello World" but I'm still pretty proud. I have an idea for an app, I just need to actually design it and write the code now. James is pretty awesome at photoshop so I'm thinking that maybe he can help me with the graphics part, I'll do the coding, and then maybe our app will be a huge hit and we'll start charging and be able to retire on the income. That would be lovely. Hey, a girl can dream.

<3 Amy


  1. Way to go! You make tackling those miles look easy! You are going to be marathon ready in no time.

    I've gotten emotional on long runs before. You have so much time to think that your mind goes to all kinds of places. Some of those places are sad.*


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