Ranger Souvenirs & Good Food

At Ranger Graduation, they had a whole tent set up with souvenirs. With everything you could have possibly wanted with the word "Ranger" on it. They even had a "Proud Ranger Wife" shirt. But here's my problem with it.. it had Rhinestones. Ew. Not my thing. In fact, I think a lot of Army wife apparel in general ends up looking pretty tacky. But I won't go into that right now.

I already knew what I wanted before I even drove down to Georgia. A Ranger charm for my necklace and a pair of "Ranger panties" (and no, it's actually not what you think).

Okay.. the charm is pretty straightfoward, you say. But Ranger Panties?

These are Ranger Panties:

Not what you were expecting, eh? Btw I apologize for the extremely dorky picture. "Ranger Panties" are what the army calls the Ranger PT short shorts. Because guys tend to have a hard time wearing short shorts unless they are cross country runners these days. Yes, these are actual PT uniform shorts for Rangers. And since my hubby has the tab now, I decided that means I'm allowed to wear them. James also got a pair, because he's a runner too and he can appreciate such things as well (although he doesn't appreciate the nickname for them). I think it's actually a pretty common thing for Ranger girlfriends/fiances/wives to get a pair. But I do feel a certain sense of more entitlement to wear them, being a runner. But I know I'm just being silly.

And here's my beautiful Ranger charm, right next to my little Airborne wings.

So now I got my souvenirs and I'm all set to return home. I should be ready, right? Nope.

I've never been on a vacation where I cooked this much. And I never had as much time/energy to cook this much at home because of running and my full-time job. But I brought two big bags of baking/cooking stuff from home and I've been making lots of great food for my Ranger. It's been fun. I think I would have liked being a stay-at-home wife. Maybe someday. Here's a couple pics that I took.

Caprese Salad (with dried basil leaves.. because my basil plant is in Chicago and probably long dead), but the tomato made it still worth it.

Cake Batter Pancakes. 'nuf said.


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