Ranger Graduation & Deployment News

Omygoodness. It's official. James has been graduated from Ranger School for about a week now. Feels so nice that it's finally over. His graduation was last Friday. I got here on Thursday and he was supposed to be released for his pass sometime between 2 and 4pm that day.. so I got there at 2:30 and waited until 5. :/ But he was the first guy to get to the gate (since he decided to run- typical James) and it felt so good to hug him! Then went out to dinner with his family and I had to drop him off again that night at the Ranger Battalion. That was kind of annoying. I felt like we were at our little Christian college again before we got married and had to say goodnight at curfew.

Soo so proud of him though. He was one of around 60something to graduate in one shot out of close to 400 that started in class 08-11. When we got there that Friday morning, it was actually kind of hard to find him in the crowd. But there he is! The one looking at the camera!

Ranger School Graduation was pretty much amazing. I had just been to the IBOLC graduation a couple months prior. That one was a typical, formal/boring gradation. Not complaining because I love to see him in his dress uniform. But the Ranger Gradation was proceeded by a "Rangers in Action" demonstration that lasted just under an hour. They demonstrated a bunch of what the Rangers had learned, complete with blackhawks and explosions. So cool. My little brothers lapped it up.

Then toward the end of the ceremony, we got to down to pin the tab on his shoulder. His mom did the first part and I finished it up. I was so happy! All that work for such a little thing.

So right now, I'm hanging out with James in Georgia. As soon as his out-processing down here is completed, we're driving up to move me out of my apartment in Chicago and we'll have 8 days to report to Ft Lewis! It's happening! My first Army move!

In all this, we also found out that James is going to be deployed in December. So our first Army move will be followed shortly by our first deployment. Which doesn't give us much time to get settled in Seattle area. I may even move back to family in Chicago area for that year if I still don't have a good job/friends in that area by that time. Maybe I'll do grad school. Or be a hippie for a year and travel around in my CR-V. Hmm. In the meantime, I'm sleeping in, cooking good food, and relaxing with my hubby in the calm before the storm.


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