Deployment Ceremony & Black Friday

We attended the brigade's deployment ceremony this week (these are normally held about a couple weeks before deployments). It was held outside, and the weather was absolutely miserable. James's Aunt and Uncle attended with us. I was proud that we were one of the few that braved the weather. They had a small number of soldiers stand in formation to represent each battalion within the brigade. Then the brigade commander and the commander of the base gave some really inspiring speeches. It made me so proud of my solider. Later, there were a lot more family that made it to the battalion farewell ceremony, which was indoor. 

Of course, James looked absolutely dashing in his multicam uniform. I saw that one of the ladies was wearing a little lapel pin with the brigade's crest. I asked her where she got it and she told me to go talk to the commander's wife, who was also wearing one. I did, and she gave me the one she was wearing! I guess she has a bunch of them so she didn't mind. I'm going to be tempted to wear it every day that he's gone. And if someone asks, I can be like "Oh yeah.. that's my hubby's unit. He's serving in Afghanistan right now."

This weekend, James and I are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our Anniversary. (AnniversaChristmagiving)!  I'm almost done with his gift. I just need to go buy a stupid hole puncher, because I think we already packed ours. Maybe I'll share with you what I made him after he gets it (don't want him sneaking on here and finding out too soon!)

Tomorrow, we're running a Turkey Trot and then I've got my half marathon on Sunday (eek)!

But guess what we spotted last night:

Lining up 3 days early. Think they'll have Thankgiving dinner in there?
Hm. Maybe someone is just using a tent to hold their spot in line. But I am pretty sure someone was in there. Ugh. I have nothing against people loosing a few hours (or even a whole night) of sleep to get a good deal, but this made me kinda sick.

I know some mothers and daughters that have a longstanding tradition of Black Friday. I think that's kinda cool. Just not for me. A couple years ago, my dad started a "White Friday" tradition, where he collects/cleans a bunch of stuff around the house to donate to Goodwill. James and I will be going downtown to pick up my race packet and watching the tree lighting. And we will be sleeping in.

Anyone doing Black Friday this year? Ever gotten an incredible deal on Black Friday that made it worth it? 

PS: I just caved and bought this. It was worth it.


  1. You should wear it! I wear a little deployment pin (it looks like a blue star flag) everyday. Having a deployed family member can make you feel invisible (at least that's how I feel), but with the pin so many people ask me about it and offer support.*


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