Early Christmas

The weather outside is frightful. Well, maybe not frightful, but certainly gray and rainy.
But the fire is so delightful.  Oh yes. I'm loving my electric insta-fireplace. 

I was going through some things today and I found these Christmas CDs. No, I don't actually still use a CD player, but I saw them and thought "Okay.. maybe I will just jump on the bandwagon."

But, "What is this mysterious blank CD? Maybe it's a Christmas Mix I forgot about." So I popped it into my laptop and low and behold it is my wedding recording that has been misplaced forever. Okay, not forever. But I cried a little bit when I found it (I've been a bit of a basketcase lately, don't judge). For some reason I never put it on my itunes. Or even labeled the CD for the matter, apparently. I knew it was somewhere but I was beginning to worry about it.

So I listened to my half-hour long wedding this morning. All the way through. And to the vows we wrote for each other (borrowing some from Jason Illian and my parents's). And I realized that we're going to be okay. Not that I thought we wouldn't survive this, but I'm starting to now see the deployment as just another obstacle that we'll conquer together.

So maybe Christmas coming early this year isn't so bad. 


  1. Awww. Sweet post. Y'all will make it through the deployment! It'll be hard, but you'll be stronger because of it. (At least that's what I tell myself.)*


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