Half Marathon Training: Week 4 Report

I have been wanting a little Camelbak for a little while now for my long runs. Sometimes it's hard to plan out water stops, so I figured this little guy would be perfect. 
Isn't he cute? When he's filled up with water, he weighs less than 5 pounds. Because my dad flew in on Saturday morning, I decided to move my long run to Friday instead. I thought hmm perfect time to try him out.  I joked with hubby that it's my baby ruck sack.
So.. I realize that it was my longest long run that I've done in a while.. and it was also the first one I did by myself in a while.. but it was not fun. I ran almost a 10 min/mile pace versus a 9:20 pace that I did for my last long run. I thought I would barely notice the backpack but all I wanted to do was throw it away into the bushes the whole time. 

I can tell you one thing.. I will definitely not be wearing it for any races. 

The good news is that I got it done and now it's taper time for my race on the 27th. 

Here are the numbers from last week: 

Monday: 4 miles at 9:18 pace
Wednesday: 5 miles at 9:18 pace
Friday: 10.63 miles at 9:58 pace (ick.. yeah I know it got cut a little short. Oh well!) 

Have any of you run with a Camelbak before? Am I just being a wimp? 


  1. I've been wanting a Camelbak, but my fear is that it'll drive me cray-cray. Plus I'm too cheap to buy something I'm not 100% sure about.*

  2. I love your Camelbak! I've wanted one for a while, and hubby got one that is made of ABU print from his shop. I love it. I also have a vintage Alice Pack (smaller ruck) that he got from a swap meet and gave to me on our wedding day as a wedding gift. I love things that carry things on outdoor adventures.

    You're not being a wimp.


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