Ginger & Ice Pearls

I'm sore lately. I decided I needed to ice more and saw these sweet ice pearls at the store. Basically, they are artificial frozen peas. But they look way cooler and stay cold longer, I think. I also decided that I wanted to try Trader Joe's chocolate covered ginger. Did you know that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory? I read that in Runner's World once, and that's how I justified splurging on it. Cuz it's basically good for me when I'm sore. ;) 
Also, as I was looking at my dailymile stats (cause I love doing that), I saw today that I ran more miles in February than I did for any of the previous 12 months. I think running has been my therapy. And I've been stressed. I have still been doing better.. not as sad and depressed. But still stressed. And I think that's why this was a higher-mileage month. 
And this was an especially stressful week. I kind of got woken up, because I found out that something kind of dangerous happened with James. I can't know any of the specifics, of course. But it was enough that it scared me pretty bad. 

I'm looking forward to R&R, but afterwards, James will get his platoon (this is why the schedule was changed, actually). So he will be at a different location and we won't have daily communication anymore. And things will get even more dangerous. I guess I just gotta take it one day at a time. 

"Surely the righteous will never be shaken; 
   they will be remembered forever. 
 They will have no fear of bad news; 
   their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD. "
Psalm 112:6-7

Trying to give it all the stress to God. It's pretty dang hard though. 

On the bright side, I bought some brand new shoes with my discount. 
Aren't they pretty? They are just for hanging out, working in the store, and looking sweet. I'm not actually going to run in them.. I might talk more about this later. But I'm not gonna risk the "barefoot" thing. And I haven't converted from my Asics yet..

Also, it's my "Happy Picture Wednesday." I picked this one out for today. This was a fortune that James had a little while ago... so appropriate! Notice his nail biting problem. :) Golly, I miss this man. 
Happy Hump Day!
<3 Amy


  1. The ice pearls are sweet! I just use a regular ol' ice pack.

    It's good that you are less sad. Sounds like we're going through similar stages of deployment. I was really blue the first few months. Now I'm mostly anxious. It's a horrible way to feel on a daily basis, but hopefully running can continue to soothe your stressed out nerves. Keep on hanging in there!*

    1. Thanks Amy! Yeah I have noticed the similarities too. I decided that you are kind of like my internet twin. Both named Amy, Army wives, runners, both living away from military community.. ha. hope that doesn't sound creepy. ;) It really helps to read your blog tho because it makes my crazy emotions seem more normal.


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