Love is.. Star Wars Cookies

My hubby and I both love Star Wars. For my birthday this year, my in-laws got me these sweet cookie cutters.

Sadly, I got them *just* after I sent James his Star Wars themed Valentine's Day box.
I found Star Wars valentines. My favorite is the one with C-3PO that says "Be my counterpart!"

Boxes take at least 6 days to get there if the weather is good.. so I haven't sent cookies because I figured they would be kind of old by the time they got there. I might make an exception for these star wars ones though.

This is our second Valentine's Day in a row apart. Last year, he was away at IBOLC. Oh well. I've decided to not be bitter about it. We normally weren't much into celebrating it anyway but we decided today online that next year (assuming that we are together!) we will.

Happy Valentine's Day and may the force be with you!


  1. Oh I need those cookie cutters! My boy's had Star Wars Valentine's too.

  2. G and I won't "officially" spend a Valentine's together until our fourth!! IBOLC last year, field training this year, deployment next year, so hopefully when the fourth rolls around we can make big plans! Ha! As G's Mom always says, if the Army wanted you to have a wife they would have issued you one!

  3. I love the ears on the Yoda cookie! So cute! I think it's adorable and so creative that you sent him a themed package!

    I've sent cookies before. Stephen said they tasted good, but they were crumbly, so I'd suggest using bubblewrap or newspaper if you decide to send some of your own.*


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