Things I Love Lately

1. This underwear. They are called rundies. How frickin' awesome. When I saw them, I was like..  I need these right now. But then I saw the price. Sad day. You can find them here

2. Doctor Who. Particularly Rose and Doctor #10, cause they are adorable. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's okay. If you like weird sci-fi love stories, I highly recommend it. I've been watching on netflix.

3. This video: 
4. This workout. I found it here on pinterest.
5. This beer. Specifically, this beer on Sunday afternoon after my long run. I'm not much of a drinker, but there's something after drinking it after my long run that I love. I feel like I've earned it. And also, I'm a bit paranoid that beer will make me run bad (even though Runner's World recently concluded this wasn't the case). But I usually take a rest day after my long run day. So I get to enjoy my beer worry-free. :)
<3 Amy


  1. The rundies are hilarious, but def not worth $65! (Doesn't underwear only cost like three bucks at Target?!)*

  2. I was totally listening to Newsboys when I got to your blog. I haven't seen this video before. Very nice!


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