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Well. R&R is over. The second goodbye was a little easier than the first. I think maybe just because I was a little more prepared than last time and I know what's coming. Although it's not easy knowing that I'm not going to see him for 7 months..

I dropped him off at the airport and they gave me a pass so that I could wait with him at the gate. I did a lot better about crying. Probably because it was a very public goodbye (very busy area of the airport) so I didn't exactly want to lose it in front of a crowd of strangers already staring at me as I kissed my soldier goodbye. 

The two weeks was everything I hoped it would be. We decided to run away for a week of it to a little rental cottage in Wisconsin on a lake. Best. Decision. Ever. It was amazing. We kayaked, went to this little winery for a wine tasting, cuddled in a hammock, relaxed in our own little hot tub at night, watched Doctor Who (yes, I did succeed in getting my husband addicted!), went running on some trails, and got to spend some quiet time together away from everyone else. We called it our second honeymoon. :) 

Then for the second week, it was a little more crazy running around trying to make sure that he spent enough time with family. I think that is always a battle. I suppose most R&Rs are going away with the 9 month deployments, but I can't stress enough how good it is that we got that week away to ourselves. I felt a little guilty to be stealing him away from everyone for a whole week.. but he's home for only 2 weeks out of the entire year. And he's my husband. We really needed that time. 
One of the best parts of the week was something that James got for us: Leia and Han Solo rings! They are right-hand rings.. and he can't wear his while he's over there (I guess they can only wear wedding rings) so I've got his on my charm necklace right now. Aren't they beautiful? Ha.. we are such geeks. 
"I love you" "I know"
So now I'm back from vacation and trying to get back into my running routine. I've got another half in less than 3 weeks and I'm probably not gonna PR based on how much I've run in the last month..

5 months til Chicago Marathon and about 7 months left of this deployment! I'm hoping that the nervousness of the approaching marathon will speed things up and make the time go by fast!

<3 A


  1. Sounds like R&R was divine! I'm so glad y'all got in quality time. Even though my husband's was forever ago (almost 200 days!), I'm so thankful we had it. Nothing compares to just being with your spouse.

    I hope that you are able to stay busy these next 7 months. I've got 2 months left and they seem to be going by at a snail's pace!*

  2. It sounds like R&R was amazing. I absolutely think you need that time with just the two of you. Those rings are the cutest thing I have ever seen. I hope the next 7 months fly by!


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