Oh.. Hello Summer

Summer is coming. It's getting warmer and I'm not super happy about it. As much as I try to be, I'm not an early-morning riser. But I think I'm going to have to be if I don't want to run in 80 degree heat now.

My church had their last youth group of the year. I'm kind of sad. We will have a couple bible studies this summer, but I won't get to see my little high school girl's group as often. I made little scrabble tile necklaces for them and my fellow group leader for the last night. I think they turned out pretty well. :) The class I was TAing for in Chicago also just ended. Summer is definitely upon us.
James also was recently promoted to 1LT and he's a platoon leader now. I'm soo so proud of him. He also got an "outstanding" Officer's Evaluation Report. He's also been recommended to lead a specialty platoon after his current one. I was seriously glowing when I found out. The only down side to this is that he's no longer is a mostly-office environment like before with access to a computer. So I can't talk to him nearly as often.

So change is in the air. The half-way mark of the deployment is quickly approaching. Such a relief. It's weird to think about the fact that one whole semester has come and gone since James has left. It's been 17 days since I said goodbye to him. That doesn't seem very long, but I feel like it's gone by pretty fast.

In totally unrelated news, my race got cancelled on Saturday. So maybe Summer isn't totally here if we are still getting so much rain. My brothers also signed up for it last-minute and none of us got to run because of the lightning. We went out to breakfast afterwards though. This is actually the second time this has happened to me. The first time, we still did an unofficial untimed race a couple weeks later and they used the prize money to buy Gatorade again (because it went to waste the first time). Hopefully they'll be able to do something similar with this race too.
Sad that we didn't get to run. 
In all honestly though, it was probably good that I didn't race 10 miles. I have a half marathon on Sunday (so just 8 days later) and that might not have been great planning on my part anyways. I still working back up from kind of taking a lot of time off when James was here for R&R (and not running as much right before he got here because of all my anxiety). My knees have been sore lately while running and I'm hoping that it's just the increase in mileage.

Also, marathon training starts next month (eek!). I'm kind of excited but kind of scared to death.

<3 A


  1. You made those necklaces? That's so cool.

    Big congrats to your husband! It's great when your man is not only awesome, but other people recognize that he's awesome, too. That stinks that he won't be in touch as often though. You gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

    And congrats to you on making it almost halfway! For me, the halfway mark to the 75% done mark went by the fastest. I hope the same is true for you.*


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