Happy Picture Wednesday

I got my new TOMS today! The writing says "Do small things with great love" on it a bunch of times. I kind of love them! 
Do small things with great love. 
Also, without telling you exactly when he is supposed to come home (OPSEC).. this is where we are in the deployment. :)

<3 Amy


  1. Your countdown is almost all the way down! Yeay! Just hang in there a little bit longer!*

  2. Oh my goodness you are so close! Those shoes are just adorable. I wish I could wear TOMS, but they rub my heels so badly. They look great on you though.

    1. yeah I think TOMS are kinda love em or hate em. I actually have kinda sweaty feet so I hate wearing shoes without socks. I cheat and wear little no-show footie socks with TOMS.


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