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This whole year, I've been trying really hard to not buy very many things, because I will just have to fit it in my car to get back to Washington. But James and I have been looking at houses out there and it's really hard to not start buying stuff for our new place. But I figured I could get away with this poster. With a rustic frame, don't you think this would look cool?? I like patriotic stuff.
I'm also working on making this:
Han and Leia is kind of a theme for me and James. :) And I thought this was adorable. I've got the lego pieces.. just trying to figure out the frame now.

And also, the new series of Doctor Who started. It's been amazing.
Speaking of the Doctor, I recently went to a Renaissance fair and saw several doctors there. I'm not really sure why people went dressed as Doctor Who characters, but it was awesome. I met the Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack Harkness, and Idris.
The Doctor found Rose!
I thought Captain Jack Harkness was the most convincing. :) 
So now I've met the Doctor (kind of). And I decided that when James gets back, we should go to a Renaissance fair together. It was fun.


  1. Oh man that Captain Jack is awesome. I have been stalking pictures from the various Cons from around the country on Instagram. I love that flag poster. I think getting art from the various places you live is a really good way to keep them with you as you move on.

  2. It's good to hear you talk about moving to Washington. (I get the impression that it's coming up soon!) I love the poster! And good luck with the house hunt. I know that can be rrrough.*


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