Miles & Miles Before I Sleep

This title may be overused by running bloggers but I don't really care. I've been proud of my mileage lately. I haven't run this many miles since college. I love dailymile because I can look back at my mileage from the past year.
And the funny part is that I can see how life events have affected my mileage. James left in December for his deployment. I had to finish packing everything up and drive home to Chicago. I didn't feel much like running that month. Then he came home for 2 weeks in April. Hence the drop in mileage there too. I was so excited for him to come home that I didn't run much before he got here, and then I didn't feel like running much when he was here either.

My top 5 longest runs
And then marathon training! I love how much a good long run can boost my numbers. Dailymile even shows me my top 5 farthest runs. All of which are marathon training runs at the moment. And I'm also so excited that I've run 104 miles in September and I still have a week left!

The best part was saying to myself last night "Ah I don't really have to go to bed too early. Only 12 miles tomorrow." Then I had to catch myself. Only 12 miles. I love that I've gotten to that point in my training. 12 miles is a significant run and it's amazing that marathon training has made it no big deal to me now.

I slept in and then ran late morning on this prairie path that I've been avoiding all summer (no shade). But today it was gorgeous. And I ran with a long-sleeved shirt for the first time. Then I got home and had some pumpkin spice coffee. So perfect for the first day of fall.

Just two weeks til Chicago Marathon. I'm not sure yet what my plan is for after. I'm not sure I want to sign up for more races when I'm going to have to focus on starting to pack up. After cross country season, our coach always told us to take off a full 2 weeks from running. Maybe I'll do some biking during that time to try to prevent getting burned out. But after those two weeks, I feel like I should still run like 8 or 10 mile long runs on the weekend to not completely lose it all. But without a race.. not sure yet where the motivation is gonna come from. We'll just have to see!

<3 A.


  1. You rock, Amy!! So excited for your race in a couple weeks. And I'm a fan of Springbrook too, minus the no-shade part :)


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