Recovery and Relief

I hadn't heard from my husband in a several days. That always kind of makes me nervous when he's not able to give me a heads up about it. If I wake up randomly in the middle of the night, I'll sometimes check my iphone to see if I have any new emails from him.

Then this morning, he emailed me and told me that he was at his new location. He's now at a much safer place for the rest of the deployment and doesn't have any more patrols. No more worrying about IEDs or getting shot. He's on a big base with walls and barbed wire and guards with guns and lots of Americans. It took a few minutes for that fully to set in. Then I told my mom and asked her if we could break out some wine to celebrate. At 10am, haha. And then I started crying out of relief. 

The danger is pretty much over. I say pretty much, because it still makes me nervous that he's in Afghanistan at all. But really, the danger is over. I have to keep telling myself this, because I thought that I would feel a lot more relaxed than I do. There is still a part of me that will not be totally convinced until he's in my arms. 
It's been weird since the marathon. It's been 10 days and I haven't gone running at all since. I told myself that I would take a full 2 weeks off, but my brother just convinced me to do a Zombie 5k on Sunday. So I think I'm gonna have to try to do a few miles before then. It's probably a good time because I've started to feel restless anyway, especially with the beautiful weather. 
James is safer and I'm a lot happier. The ironic thing is that he's actually pretty unhappy with the new situation. He has less access to internet (long lines with 30 min limits) and only paperwork to do now. He's gonna be bored out of his mind. He did mention that at least he will be able to go running. 

I'm just sitting here after a long day and I'm praising God. For my husband's safety that I can't even totally believe yet. And for the fact that the end of the deployment is near. And for beautiful weather. And for running. Tomorrow, I'm going for a run. 


  1. Yeay!!! Great news! Not only does this mean he is safer, but it means that you are really in the final stretch of the deployment. Just a matter of time now. *


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