Scary Picture Wednesday

I did a zombie run. Again. James and I actually did one last year. This year I did one with my brothers.  This year I actually did catch 4 humans (humans had 3 flags to signify "lives" and got a 20 second head start)! Here is a picture of the zombie start. Maybe not a "happy picture" but it was really a fun race so I'm using it anyway. And the zombie dude next to me does look pretty happy.
That's me in the orange singlet and my two brothers to the right of me. I know. I look pretty scary. We added some blood last minute so I actually didn't even know I looked that scary until later. 

Then afterwards we went out to dinner and still had our Zombie make-up on. And yes, we got some stares. And scared a few children (unintentionally, mostly). It was fun. 

<3 Amy


  1. They are having a Zombie 5K here at Fort Drum next week. If it weren't at 6:00 in the morning I would love to participate. Great picture!

  2. So many zombies! Haha! Love it! You take the cake for scariest zombie, for sure!*

  3. Wow, this sounds like an awesome event!! I love that everyone got so into by addding the face paint!!


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