The Running Dead

James and I did the Zombie Dash 5k in downtown Olympia this afternoon! Runners could register as either a human or zombie. Humans got a 2 minute head-start. Humans had these tails like in flag football and if a zombie got it, the human was then "infected." There was a prize for the first uninfected human to finish, the first zombie, and for the zombie to infect the most humans.

So of course, we registered as zombies.

I'm proud to say that James caught to most humans (26 total) and won a voucher for free running shoes! Yay!! I'm such a proud zombie wife.

There was actually only 4 humans that finished uninfected I think. There was also a protest going on in Olympia (this happens a lot, since it's the capital) and the race route went right by them. I think we were the most entertainment of their whole day.

Scary faces!

James, that's not scary enough. One more.

Okay in that one, I look like tired zombie. Oh well.

Anyone else doing a fun halloween/thanksgiving race?


  1. That is so cool! I love that it's not only themed, but the race is more like a game than just a race. High five for your husband "infecting" people! LOL!

    I'm doing a Halloween 5k, but I haven't decided if I'm going to dress up yet.*

  2. Haha looks like fun. Glad you guys enjoyed it!


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