Wearing Blue & More Waiting

On Saturday morning, James and I went to the Wear Blue: Run to Remember running club. I had actually first heard of this club in an article in Runner's World, back in February. It started off as a club for Army wives and widows and now has expanded to anyone that wants to be a part of their mission to run to remember soldiers that have fallen for our country. 
Photo by Ingrid Barrentine, source
We gathered together and were each given a slip of paper with name of a soldier that had died on the dates of this week over the last couple years. We each said the name of our soldier and then were invited to call out the name of any other solider that you were running to remember. We ended with a prayer of protection for the soldiers and their families that are currently deployed and for those preparing for deployment.

I found a friend to run 9 miles with me and we got a really great run in. There were several water and Gatorade stops that someone in the group had set up, and someone had even marked turns of the 14-mile course with sidewalk chalk. The lady I ran with was a transportation officer that was married to a Special Forces soldier. She is preparing for her husband's deployment as well.

I was really excited to finally meet this amazing running club that I had known about for months, but I realized that it wasn't just a running club for "fun" like I had been apart of before; it really was a running support group. One woman cried for the her whole 6-mile run, but was joined by another one of the ladies who ran with her and hugged her at the end.

As much as it made my heart ache for her, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at how much God was at work in this group. I'm definitely going to keep going each Saturday for as long as I'm here.

Afterward, I felt sore but good. My achilles is still a little iffy but not too bad. I'm doing ice and ibuprofen to be careful. Also, I decided to finally take a pic of this.. my cat thinks me icing is the most entertaining thing she's ever seen. It looks like this every time I ice.

In other news,  James's whole brigade has been put on hold in preparation for the deployment because it might get changed. Meaning that it might be delayed as late as April and become a 7-9 month deployment (instead of 12 months), or it might stay exactly the same. Or pretty much anything in between. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Hopefully we will find out what the plan is soon. 

Much love, Amy


  1. Praying for you guys! Glad you have an awesome support/running group to bond with! And your cat is super cute :)

  2. First, your cat is adorable! It's cute that she watches you like that.

    Second, that running group sounds amazing. What a great way to honor others and to take stock of what's truely important.*


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