Adventures in Washington

We went hiking this weekend. James picked the location. Ranger Falls. Of course. :) The woods here are absolutely gorgeous. We hiked over 9 miles. I'm pretty sore, but it was fun. I think I'd like to officially add "hiking" to my hobbies.

Then we went to the city. And searched Pike Place Market for the first starbucks. Which is trickier than you would think it would be when we both were too embarrassed to ask for directions (only tourist ask for directions and we are now locals!) and there are like 6 starbucks in Pike Place. But we finally found it. It was the one with a line of tourist going out the door.

So now we can say we've been there.

We also got a huge blessing: James was able to get permissive TDY. Which means he got more time to move us in. And we totally were not expecting that. Usually soldiers can request time off to look for a place/move-in. But James was hearing that a lot of guys that were reporting weren't getting it. But he did! Woohoo. So he's got the whole week off. So hopefully we will be all comfortable moved in by then and maybe I'll show off some pics of my apartment.

We also visited a church on Sunday. And we loved it. I don't even know if we will visit another one. We loved it that much. I also ran with the Olympia Running Club and I'm now looking into the Lacey Running Club. So I'm starting to meet people.

God is good.

Gnite, loves.


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