Fall & Fruit Desserts

It's definitely Fall. I'm so excited. I'm making pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes tomorrow night. Tonight, I'm trying out these caramel poached pears. OMG. I can't wait.

I gotta say one of my favorite things about living in Washington is the fresh and cheap produce. We're also in wine country, so you can get a decent bottle of wine for like 2 or 3 dollars. Because you know.. we're not stuck-up about our wine, so we don't mind the cheap stuff. So guess what we had last night for dessert?

Mhmm. Sweet red wine and red raspberries.

I also decided I needed to make some caramel apples. I had been craving one since we saw some amazing-looking ones at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory downtown Seattle. But alas, they were all over $7 and I just couldn't spend that much on one apple, no matter how beautiful they looked.

I ate the rainbow sprinkled one first. And then I ate the chocolate sprinkled one. I have no regrets. The chocolate one was James's. He's actually eating it right now. But I was tempted to steal his too.

Well, it's raining (again). So now I might go run on the treadmill again because I'm lame and don't really like running in the cold rain. I've got a 5k coming up on the 22nd. It's the Zombie Dash 5k. It's pretty much the most excited I've ever been about a 5k because I'm going to be a zombie. So I gotta train so I can try to catch some humans. hehe.


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