Preparing for Deployment.. part 2

Well, I've got some good news and some bad..

Bad news first? Okay. Well, hubby's battalion is going over for a 12-month deployment, starting in December. You may have heard in the news that they are starting to switch over to 9-month deployments. Well they are.. in January. So another battalion in James's unit is leaving in January and they will be there 9 months. James is leaving a month earlier and he will be there for 12. Dang it. I really hope something changes while they are over there.

The good news? James almost got sent over mid-November to go with a team that goes over before everyone else. The only reason why he didn't is because his vaccines weren't ready yet. He's in the middle of the small pox vaccine (which takes 30 days) and he has to wait to get the TB test until the 30 days is over. So that's the only reason why he's not going sooner. Also, if he had left sooner, he wouldn't have gotten back sooner. It would have been a 12 1/2 month deployment. Phew.

So anyway.. we're going to have to celebrate Christmas and our anniversary really early this year. And I'll get him back (hopefully) in time for Christmas next year. A friend of mine suggested that when he gets back, we should splurge take a trip to Hawaii or something. Since we're saving so much money while he's gone, I think that's a good idea.


  1. That stinks that your husband is missing the 9 month deployment by such a small margin! On the bright side, a year-long deployment means that he'll come home at some point for mid-deployment leave.*

  2. Ack....well good job keeping things in perspective. You're right, maybe and hopefully things will change while he's over there, you just never know.

    I think the trip when he comes home is a GRAND idea!! Just remember you can't (usually) pin down flight dates since they have to have block leave scheduled usually after they get back. =/ BUT just go with the flow and the trip will be amazing!!!!!!


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