Half Marathon Training: Week 2 Report

Happy Halloween! :) 

Last week was good. I technically had two long runs in one week, since I had to postpone the long run in week 1. So I sort of combined my long run with what was supposed to be a 6-mile run.. but I should be back on track now. This week's mileage should hold steady and come out to be around 24 miles as well. 

I decided to move around some things in my plan. I had my bike day on Monday before, but I decided that doesn't really make sense since Sunday is a day off. Bike day should be a rest/cross training day. So I switched the Monday column with the Friday column.

I got my pace tat for the Seattle Half Marathon. Omygoodness I'm so excited. I'm going for 1:57:30. That's a 8:57 mile. I ran an average 9:06/mile at the Chicago Half Marathon. So basically I only need to run 9 seconds faster per mile.. but it's on a hilly course. And the Chicago Half Marathon was totally flat. Hmm. My wonderful hubby said that he might run with me to help make sure I'm hitting my times. 
Well.. I'm about to go run outside. Because it's sunny and 55 degrees out. I kinda feel like I'm missing out on the whole snow storm thing, but I don't envy those without power. And I like running outside. Anyone out there trying to run in the snow? 


  1. Good luck on your run! It's awesome that you're so dedicated!

  2. The last time it snowed where I am, I spent the week on the treadmill. I could see snow falling all around me, but I was warm inside, knocking out my miles. Thankfully, the cold weather didn't last long. (Just long enough to jack up the superbowl, go figure.)*


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