Rise & Run

I was recently re-inspired to run in the morning by Runner's World "Rise & Run" article in the October issue. In college cross country, we had to get up a couple times a week and be at the track by 6am. Thankfully, I never had to run 400s around the track for being late, probably because my roommate was also on the team and didn't seem to have as much trouble getting up as me (thanks Bekah!).

But I did love running in the morning once we started. The getting out of bed and the shivering bike ride on the way out to the track were not fun. But once I warmed up after the half mile or so, the morning runs were bliss. I still remember doing an out-and-back run with another girl from the team. We ran out in the dark, chattering along. When we turned around at the half-way point toward the sunrise, we both gasped at how beautiful it was.

But holy cow, it's hard to wake up without that accountability. I told myself I would get up at 7:30 this morning to go running. Hubby had to be at work at 6:30 this morning, so 7:30 would really be like sleeping in. Then I would have the whole day to be productive. But then of course, the alarm went off..

Mmm I'll just reset it to 8.

But, much to my surprise, hubby came home at 7:45. He had forgotten something so he had to come home for it.

You're still in bed? I thought you said you were waking up at 7:30?

Dang it. He caught me.

Then I was forced to get up because he put the cat in our bed. Who will without fail, begin attacking my feet whenever we are in bed together.

But I can't be too mad, because I got a great run in. I signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon, which is in 6 weeks. This is my plan (blue means I've already completed that workout):

I'll let you know how it goes. Now on to do some laundry.


  1. I love morning running, but I have the hardest time waking up! Good luck training for your half!*


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