Running Through Deployment

I've started packing. I'm heading out with my mom pretty soon to Fort Lewis area to search for a place to call home and wait for James. 
My running accomplishments of the deployment.  
In pretty much one picture, this is what I accomplished during the deployment. This included my 10k medal, 5 half marathon medals, the caution tape "human lives" that I claimed from 4 human runners in my Zombie 5k last Sunday, and my greatest accomplish: my first marathon medal. Theoretically, I may do another race or two in 2012 but I'm done with racing until James gets home.

I also included my Team Salute singlet. Even though it was pretty uncomfortable, I did end up wearing it in the marathon. I exceded my goal of $520 and raised $657 for Salute Inc, an organization for military families in need. The Chicago Marathon Team Salute runners (about 100 of us) raised over $75,000. Training for the marathon became about something greater than just me, and I'm so proud that I was a part of it. 

It felt strange to lay it all out for the picture and step back and think.. did I really do all that? I also added up how many miles I ran. 751 miles since the day he left. Crazy! 

And of course, all the support I had from family and friends (and fellow blogger friends!) was amazing. My #1 fan is my husband. He supported me even from across the globe in ways that he could. Like a little encouraging note with some brand new nike running clothes in the mail.  
Nike running clothes beat flowers in my book any day. 
I thank God for the ability to run. Honestly, I'm not sure how else I would have gotten through this frightening year. That many races and miles and I remained injury free- praise God! Running is my therapy and antidepressant. It's how God introduced me to James and it's how I've been able to stay a (somewhat) sane and supportive wife for him through this deployment. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. We're in the home stretch. 
<3 Amy

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13


  1. Congratulations! and Praise God for your accomplishments and his strength. So glad you've made it through all of this deployment! Running has also been my outlet and antidepressent and prayer time for my guy while he's been in Ranger School. Phase one down, two to go. :)
    I hope house hunting is fun and productive!:)
    Thanks for sharing your story :)

  2. YAYYYY! So thankful for the gift of running and the outlet it can be for us. Congrats on all you did this year, you're my hero :) Good look apartment searching and say strong just a little bit longer til James comes HOME!

  3. Way to go! If there is a good thing about deployment (it sounds weird to say that it's good) it would have to be the ability to focus on personal goals. And it looks like you really capitalized on that opportunity!

    It makes me smile to read that you are packing up and in the home stretch! James's return must be so close! I'm sending you good vibes that his homecoming goes smoothly and gets here fast fast fast!*

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm hoping it comes fast too!

  4. I Love LEWIS!! YAY!! We have so many fun runs around here you'll love it! You can also start running in blue in DuPont on Saturdays for the Fallen. Oh my goodness they are always helping train for races. It's an amazing group to be a part of each week. I'll post the link on Facebook- you'll need to let me know when your here- YAY!

    Good Job on all your running accomplishments I do my first 10K this Saturday & I am super excited!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Yes James and I actually did run with them a few times before he deployed! Awesome groups of people. I will definitely be returning. :)


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