Army Wife/ Runner

I love running and I love my husband. They also go hand-in-hand for me. I met my husband because we were both on the cross country teams in high school (yes, we are high school sweethearts). I also like to tell people that I had heard before "To decide who you should marry, run after God as hard as you can, and then look beside you." This ended up being more than a metaphor for me.. although in real life, my hubby is way ahead of me!

I haven't been an Army wife for very long. But my husband has now been away at training for almost 6 months, so I now at least a better understanding of the long-distance Army relationship. And running really helps me deal with that. I've finally learned to be happy (at least most of the time), even while we are apart.

This is my journey as a runner (and aspiring triathlete) and as an Army wife.. trying to figure things out as a I go along. I also love cooking both good and healthy food for my hubby and learning new recipes while he's away.

(one of my favorite pics of me and my hubby.. isn't he handsome??)


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