The Damage

Today I attended the Lululemon Warehouse Sale in Chicago! It's actually the first one that they have had in the US, so it felt pretty cool that they decided to have it here.

I went with a few friends and we waited over an hour to get it. I was specifically looking for astro yoga pants, and I found them! Good thing I liked the color, because it was the only one I could find in my size.
Here's the damage! Kinda cool how it all matches.
So.. I'm not normally a huge shopper. I just really really love lululemon clothes. And I already wanted my astro pants. Retail price for those babies are $98.. I got them for $55! Also some capris, running shorts, and two shirts. That pink shirt almost got taken from me.. the "dressing rooms" were basically one big room for girls and one big room for guys. I noticed this girl watching me try it on and I was a little suspicious that she wanted it. After all, I did grab the last one on the rack. Then when I was putting my original shirt back on, she tried to take it from my pile on the floor! I had to be like "excuse me, I'm going to buy that." She just awkwardly was like "oh I thought you were done with it. " Nope. Obviously not.

One thing I will say.. I know people hate it when skinny people complain about being skinny, but there was definitely not a lot of the smaller sizes there. It would have been a much better sale if I was a bigger size. Oh well. I am still happy with what I got.

I got to talk to my hubby this morning on the way there, and we decided on a budget. And I was actually $7 under it!  Well.. kinda. It actually went over with tax a little bit. But I don't think he'll be too mad at me when he sees how cute I look in everything. :) And like a said before.. I'm not big a shopper normally. And this is basically what separation pay is for. Shopping and ice cream.

And yes, I'm sleeping in my new astro yoga pants tonight.


  1. Cute clothes! I don't have much clothing from lululemon because of the price, but I will say that their stuff is worth it. Now I have a hankering to hit up the mall!*

  2. Haha love it!!! My friend Alli went too :)

  3. Those are really cute! It sounds like you got a deal!

  4. Hahaha, separation pay ... I keep telling Gambill that I need an allowance while he is gone, since we won't be married yet!!


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