My First Garmin Workout

I've had my Garmin 405 a little over 2 months now. I love it. It maps my workout for me. It graphs out my pace and elevation for me. AND it's got this little virtual running partner guy that I can set to the pace I want. This is probably old news for a lot of runner folks out there that have had these watches for a while. I'm a little behind. I'm still super-excited about it.

Yesterday, my training plan called for a 400m (quarter mile) repeats workout. It wasn't that cold out, so I decided to try out the "workout" feature for the first time. The Garmin connect website has this sweet little interface where you can build your workout. 

So I did my little workout. I left through the garage and my poor dog was like "oh no! she forgot me! and took off after me. So those spikes in the beginning are me getting her back in the garage. Sorry, Moka, I'll bring you next time. 

If you look at the graph, it's kind of cool to see when I sped up for the intervals. Once I started the workout, the screen told me how much time or distance I had until the next part. And at the end of each interval, it would countdown (boop, boop, boop, BEEP!) so I could get ready to go fast on my 400 or cross the virtual finish of the 400. I had also told it my target speed, so on the 400 interval, it would beep and tell me on the screen "speed up!" or "slow down!" if I wasn't hitting the right speed. Which might be annoying if you didn't want that, but all you would have to do is not put in a goal speed. 
Once I loaded it onto the computer I could view the graphs and split times. It also graphed the altitude.. but I'm in the flatlands of Illinois so I won't even bother showing you that. 

So anyway.. I'm a little bit of a tech geek so I was pretty excited. :) Now I need to mess with the "course" feature next.. 


  1. This is so cool! My Garmin is older and I'm not that tech savvy, so I can't do all that cool stuff. (I only recently figured out how to access the history on my watch. Le sigh.)

    When I did 400m repeats last year, I did them the ghetto way. I from one tree to another(400 meters apart) back and forth, back and forth. I'd much rather do it with the help of my Garmin!*

  2. I love the features from my Garmin 405. I use to use the virtual partner alot when I was trying to hit a specific pace.

    To answer your question. I mostly run the races with WBR2R now since I live in Idaho but yes when we were stationed at Ft Lewis I would try to run with them. I go back to run Seattle RnR and am going this year.


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