Comfort in the Midst of Discomfort

I get the Runner's World quote of the day. I used to read it every day. Now I occasionally read it and usually just delete it. Bad, I know.

I did read today's though.

"As runners we are pretty adept at changing our pace, alternating our route, and overcoming obstacles. We train ourselves, literally, to find some sort of comfort in the midst of our discomfort. Our training serves us well in every area of our lives. "

-Kristin Armstrong, Welcome, Mile Markers blog, Runner's 

I feel like that's a description of deployment. Trying to find comfort in the midst of a continuous discomfort. Maybe that's why running is so therapeutic for some of us with spouses overseas. 

I went on a winter retreat this weekend with our church's high schoolers. It was pretty fun. My birthday was over the weekend and I was kind of expecting a call from my hubby. However, we got there and my cell had no reception. I was kind of sad about that, but I figured I would probably get to talk to him when I got back. Then, while I was hanging out with some of the girls in the cabin, the camp director bursts in. "Are you Amy? Come with me to the office. We've got your husband on the phone. He wants to wish you a happy birthday." I jumped up to go with him and got to talk with James for a good 20 minutes. He had called my parents to get the name of the camp.. they accidently told him the wrong name. So he got on the church website to find out. He said it was fun tracking me down. :)

On top of that, my friend also brought a cookie cake to camp and several hundred high schoolers and leaders sung to me.. twice actually. I got comments from the high school girls about how cute it was that he called me. As much as deployments suck, there is definitely something romantic about having your soldier track you down and call you on your birthday. Comfort in the midst of discomfort. 


  1. Aww that's so sweet that he found a way to get in touch with you! I hope it was a good birthday.

    That quote totally nails it. Running mirrors deployment for me, too. I hope you're hanging in there!*

  2. Way to go James (and Sarah)! :)


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