Marathon Training: Week 2 Recap

The good: I got all my miles in this week. Including Saturday's run, which was a first in a while! The bad: the next two weeks are probably not going to be as good (from a training perspective anyway). My family is going to Italy and it's probably going to be really hard to run. I know though! Italy! I'm pretty sad that James can't join us, but I can't deny that I'm still pretty fracking* excited.

Also, just so you know. My family is not like super rich or anything. My dad has a conference over there for work and they figured that this might be the last chance at a full-family vacation (since I'm like.. married now and all). It's kind of a fluke that I'm living with them this year but deployments do funny things to the norm.

So I had to get a good week of training in since who knows what's happening once I get over there. I got to go 6 years ago (another conference) and I remember it was really difficult to find safe places to run. My little brother is around my speed so I might drag him along sometimes. But honestly.. it's vacation. So I'm going to try to not stress about it too much. :)

Also, my hip flexor is really hurting me after my long run on Sunday, so maybe a few days off won't be so bad.

And.. I might not be posting as much over the next few weeks. Because I'll be enjoying this: 
Best cappuccino in the world. 
<3 Amy

*I've been watch too much Battlestar Galactica


  1. Way to go, Lady! A good training week always boosts my spirits. Italy, eh? Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope y'all have a fantastic time!

    "deployments do funny things to the norm." I feel like that should be on a t-shirt! Couldn't agree more!

    As for BSG, I am a fan myself. I watched all the seasons while my husband was in Basic.*


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