Running Tourists

First day we woke up in Rome, my little brother and I said "Let's run around the Colosseum and back." Next day, we ran to the Vatican. This is how we like to tour.
On the way to the Colosseum.

In the morning solitude. 
If you look hard, you can see me. 
On the way to the Vatican
Vatican Square
Basically we woke up at 6am with a map in our pocket and ran out the door with the camera in hand. We handed it off to each other during the run. It's super hot in Italy right now, so early is the only time that you can really run anyway. There was hardly anyone at the Colosseum except a few Italian guys sitting on some steps and enjoying their papers, cigarettes, and espresso. Later that day, we went by and there were hundreds of people. It's kind of hard to take a bad picture in Italy, but there's no way these pics would have been as cool with lots of people around. Seriously, one of the best experiences ever


  1. Hey I just found your blog! Running is the coolest way to experience a new place. :)

    1. Hey Julie! I just clicked through to your blog. This year is my first marathon too!

  2. I love these pictures! Looks like you are having fun in Rome. So jealous! I was kind of iffy on wether or not I'd run when I go on vacation later this month, but these pictures have persuaded me that I should definitely run, even if it's just a short run.*

    1. Yes, you should! :) Yep, all of our runs so far have been about 3 miles, but I figure that's better than nothing.

  3. I saw these photos on FB! Looks like such a wonderful trip, totally the best way to see scenery via a nice run :)


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