Moccasins & Marathon Registration

I'll tell you a secret.. my birthday is coming up! My mom got me an early birthday present.
I also got a new camera from my hubby! I used it to take the photo above. If you look back at some of my most recent posts, you can see a line going through the pics. That means the sensor was starting to die. So now I have a working camera!

After a really hard start to the week, it's nice that things are starting to calm down. I'm just still praising God for what happened.  I feel a little behind in the week, because we kind of lost an entire two days, but of course we're so happy with the happy ending and that life can go on.

Also. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon yesterday. Omygoodness. I signed up pretty late at night and then woke up this morning with this feeling of.. "WHAT did I just do last night?" Oh yeah.. just signed up for my first marathon. Hitting the "submit" button was actually pretty scary. I'm committed now.

One of my goals for 2012 is to run a 1:50 half marathon. Coincidently, if I submit a half marathon time of 1:50:59 or below, I can qualify for the D corral of the Chicago Marathon (instead of having to weave through everyone in the open race). I just have to submit the time before August or before it fills up. Hmm. So now I have all new motivation to run a 1:50.

Good thing I have super comfy shoes for after all those long runs that are coming up.
My feet are in heaven.


  1. Cute shoes! I want a pair! Congrats on signing up for Chicago! You're such a strong runne that I have no doubt that you'll rock it!*


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