Letters from Ranger School

I decided to go through some of the letters I got from James in Ranger School today. It's so cool to read them later and re-live that time in our lives. Getting a letter in those two months was literally the most exciting thing that could happen when I got home from work.

James actually heard the first rumors about deployment while he was in Ranger School and wrote to tell me about it. I'm glad he did, rather than wait. I needed all the mental preparation that I could get! Also, the rumors at the time said that he would probably deploy in January.. it actually ended up being late November/early December for his unit.

Even though I put it together a little while ago, I thought I'd show you my little keepsake album.
The larger pages he sent were the perfect size for the album pages. He sent some smaller pages too (like the one in the picture above). That was a list of things that he was requesting for his care package. I decided that would be the best thing to show, since I didn't really want to post content of a letter on here.
Anyway, thought I'd post these since I'm getting so much traffic to my Ranger School Communication Guide post. It was kind of hard to put the letters in chronological order after the fact, since I sometimes got several letters at once and he forgot to date some of them. I'm sure it would have only gotten harder later. So I encourage you, put them in order now! And invest in a nice keepsake album, whether it's letters from Basic, a deployment, or Ranger School. You'll thank yourself later. :)


  1. You are so organized! The letters I got from my husband during basic are in order, but they are folded up in a box. Not ideal for reading.*


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