Running Long

Today I did my first 10-miler of the year! Well. 9.8 miles actually. Had to cut it a little short because my brother (and recent long run partner) wasn't feeling so great. So I had to run the last mile by myself back to the house to jump in the car and drive back to pick him up from the bathroom at Walgreens. :/ Poor guy. Oh the side effects that come with running distance sometimes.

Anyway. This long run was my best pace yet! At least since I was training for cross country in college. 

When I put it into dailymile, I always put in the "moving time" so it takes in the "avg moving pace" which is a bit faster.. is that cheating? I figure that maybe it's not counting the time that I'm slowing down right before I stop at the light or something. Anyway. Obviously, I like the "avg moving pace" better. :) 

Here are my splits:
Yay! I'm so happy. My two 8 milers were good, but my 9 miler was not good last weekend. So it was really encouraging to have a good run again. Split times were pretty consistent. I have learned since I got the Garmin that I tend to always go out like a rabbit. I've been trying to work on that. 

Can't wait to tell my man how good I'm doing! Also, I'm in pretty high spirits lately because R&R is coming up somewhat soon and we have officially passed the 1/4 mark of this deployment. 13 weeks behind us! 1 suit in a deck of cards (specifically this deck of cards)! 25% done! 1 lap complete in a mile race! Somewhere around 6.5 miles in a marathon! 

Alright, I'm done. I about to drink this Blueberry Wheat Ale that I got from Trader Joe's today while I watch some Doctor Who. I love drinking beer on Sunday nights after my long run. Especially when it tastes like blueberries. 

<3 A.


  1. It's so nice to hear that you are feeling good! High five for making it this far! The first 25% of deployment is the hardest, and you did it like a champ.

    And way to go on that run! Your last three miles were fast, faster, lightening fast!*


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