Spring Sprint 10k Race

I ran a 10k on Sunday morning! It was my first race of 2012. I was technically supposed to run a 15k race this weekend, according to my training plan. But it's too hard to find a 15k race that's nearby and I never did the 10k race that I was supposed to do. 

AND I think I PRed! Unless I ran a 10k in track back in college that I can't remember. And I got 2nd in my age group! Yay! Not a huge race, but still I was happy.
I had by my watch time 51:44. The official time was 51:45.. but it was not chip timed. Also, according to my Garmin, the course was a teeny bit short.
As you can see, I went out way too fast (they started the 5k at the same time.. so it was hard not too). I got to mile 1 and I was like "oh no.. too fast." Then I kind of got consistently slower. And I probably wouldn't know it was that bad if it wasn't for the Garmin. And I also wouldn't know that the course was a little short. I guess you can round 6.17 to a 6.2? Can I still say this is my 10k PR? I decided yes. Some may disagree. Oh well. That's the blessing and curse of the Garmin, I suppose. 

Weather was beautiful. We ran at 9am, which I was really glad for because of the time change. I think it was about mid-40s. And later got up to 65. Spring is here! I've decided to not worry about global warming and just enjoy it. I got a pedicure (only the second ever in my life) to treat myself because of my good race. The part where she massaged my sore calf muscles was amazing. 
And I walked around in the grass barefoot. 
The flowers are coming up! Spring is basically here! I'm 3 weeks away from my first half marathon! My hubby is coming home soon for R&R! My toenails are pretty! Yay! 

<3 A 


  1. Congrats on your PR and placing in your age group! You are super fast! I'd say that the total distance is definitely close enough to a full 10k that it counts. Way to go!*


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