Reflections on Working in a Shoe Store

So. After being at my job for a little over a month, I've realized a few things.
  1. My store is not a "running shoe store." As much as I would like it to be, it's just not. We have running shoes, we do get runners. But it's pretty much an "everyone" shoe store. And actually a good number of the customers are older people that need good shoes. This is not a bad thing, but it considerably lowers the cool factor of working there sometimes. It does make it really exciting for me though when a runner does come in and I get to talk to them about running. :) 
  2. Not all customers are gonna be in a good mood when they buy shoes. I have trouble wrapping my mind around this because I love getting new shoes, but I guess it's more of a chore for some people. So I've learned to just get the shoes they ask for and try to not take it personally. 
  3. I wear my running shoes slightly smaller than what is recommended. But I've decided to not listen to advice and do what's been working for me. More on that below. 
  4. People, especially women, hate being told that that the shoes they have been wearing are too small. "Ma'am, you're foot is measuring a 9.." "I've worn a size 7 my entire life!" So.. obviously I am apparently one of these women too (read point 3), but the difference is that I don't actually have problems because I'm wearing a smaller size. Like hammer toe.. ew. 
  5. It's fun to take pretty pictures of shoes for our facebook page when it's slow in the store.
  6. Barefoot running shoes are super controversial. I've had people come in and swear for them and against them. The problem with barefoot running is you have to be either a forefoot or midfoot striker as you run. That way your foot can absorb the impact. If you are a heel striker, then your heel strikes the ground and 2-3 times the force of your body weight goes into your heel and up your leg straight to your spine. Yeah. So, speaking as a heel-striker, I would have to totally change my running form. Not sure I'm ready to do that yet. So until then, my Minimus shoes will remain cool hang-out slippers for the store. 
  7. It's really hard to measure kids' feet. They are so squirmy. 
Also, I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how I had been running in shoes that are too small. I decided to get a second opinion about this and talked to some runners at an actual running store. Although it might be technically correct to wear a larger running shoe, they basically told me that if I haven't had problems, then I can stay in what I've been wearing. Also, you know those holes in the mesh? Apparently that's really common in runners and it's not cuz the shoes are too small.. it's because my toe nail just angles up a bit so it's sawing through. So I got these patches they had to help prevent that from happening to my BRAND NEW beautiful Asics GT-2170s! 

Aren't they pretty? Yeah I though so too. :)


  1. Your new shoes look great! I've never worked at a shoe store, but I do have 3 years of retail experience, and I feel ya on people not being in good moods when they shop. I hope the job is going well!*


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